10 Things To Make a New Mum's Life Easier

8 March 2022

You only have to spend a minute or two browsing online newborn gifts to see just how many items there are for babies. However, new mums tend to get overlooked somewhat. Though it’s generous to buy a gift for a new baby, and we’re sure any parent will gladly accept a gift on behalf of their child, it's likely that the mum herself needs a thing or two. After all, she suddenly has a newborn to care for. She is likely to find herself limited when it comes to getting out and about, and so a gift can make a big difference. A gift for a new mum shows that, though you are excited for the birth of her child, you are thinking of her also.

Knowing what to buy for a new mum can be difficult, especially as you are unlikely to know what she needs or wants. This is why it’s usually best to keep things simple, to choose something that all new parents can benefit from in one way or another. For example, every parent can benefit from a supply of nappies and wipes. Similarly, there isn’t a parent out there that won’t happily welcome a gift card or new muslin blankets. 

What To Buy A New Mum?

The best gifts for new mothers are ones that will make her life easier. Whether it be a gift card for a local supermarket or for an online retailer, or something for the baby, the gift should help her get the things she needs to take care of her newborn. The first few months of a new baby's life can be challenging for the mum, especially if it’s her first child. She is likely to face many challenges in her day to day life, and it’s not uncommon for a new mum to feel as though her world has been turned upside down. To help you to find the perfect new mum and baby gifts, we have created a list of gifts that are perfect for any new parent. Whether you choose a nursing pillow or a gift card, a teething toy or a blanket, we are sure your gift will be appreciated. 

  1. Supermarket Gift Card - Something that a lot of people overlook is a new mum’s inability to pop to the supermarket. This is why it’s a good idea to get a gift card for a supermarket, so she can pick out what she needs. If she doesn't have enough time to go shopping, she can do everything online.

  2. Baby Store Gift Card - A baby store gift card is a great gift for new mums, as it allows her to buy anything she might be missing. Once she has brought her newborn home, she’s likely to realise that she needs a few more things. As baby items can be expensive, a gift card could encourage her to splurge on something she really wants.

  3. A Nursing Pillow - To help a new mum comfortably breastfeed her baby, consider buying her a nursing pillow. This will allow her to nurse her baby while sitting on the sofa or in bed, without having to worry about being uncomfortable after long hours of breastfeeding.

  4. Receiving Blankets - Receiving blankets are hugely versatile, which is why all parents should stock up. A lot of parents underestimate how many receiving blankets they need and you can never have enough, which makes them a great gift for a newborn baby and mother. It’s something you can gift to a new mum, without worrying whether she already has some.

  5. Swaddling Blankets - A lot of mums swaddle babies at night and during nap times, and having multiple swaddling blankets is useful. After all, you never know when a baby will make a mess on one. There are a lot of swaddle blankets out there, many of which have beautiful patterns and designs.

  6. Nappies, Wipes and Changing Essential - There is no denying the importance of nappies, wipes, creams and changing essentials. These are things all mums use a lot of and though they aren’t the most exciting gifts for new mums, they are guaranteed to be well received and useful. 

  7. A Baby Teething Toy - There are a lot of baby teething toys to choose from, many of which can be found at Nordic Stork. These are used to reduce the pain a baby might feel when they are teething. Not only do they benefit a baby by relieving some of the soreness, but they help a new mum by keeping the baby calm and soothed. 

  8. Bibs - We all know how messy babies can be, which is why bibs are a useful and practical gift. Babies get through multiple bibs a day, and every new mum is sure to welcome additions to her stockpile. You could opt for simple bibs, or go for some that have a sweet design or pattern.

  9. Vests and Short Sleeved Onesies - A lot of people buy special baby clothes for a new mum, but most overlook the essentials. A newborn baby will spend a lot of their first few months wearing vests and short sleeved onesies.

  10. A Play Mat - If you know anything about newborn babies, you will know how important tummy time is. Though a baby can do tummy time on any flat surface, a play mat gives them a colourful and engaging place to lie. It’s one of the top gifts for a newborn baby and mother. At Nordic Stork, you can choose from a wide range of lovely plat mats.

As you can see, there are a lot of new mum and baby gifts out there. You won’t find yourself short of choice or struggling to choose something, not with so many options to choose from. You could choose a keepsake or a toy, or you could choose something that’s practical and useful. You could choose to buy something for the baby or the new mum, or something that can be used by them both. Simply, you will always be able to find your ideal gifts for new mums.

Gifts for Newborn Baby and Mother at Nordic Stork

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that Nordic Stork only focuses on baby and toddler toys, as this couldn’t be further from the truth. You will always find a whole host of gifts that are perfect for a first time mum or new parent. All you need to do is browse our collection and select the gift that takes your fancy. To find out more about what to buy a new mum, browse Nordic Stork or get in touch with our helpful team.