15 Ways to Entertain a Baby and Toddler

3 February 2022

We can all agree that keeping babies and toddlers entertained can be tricky. Not only do they quickly lose interest in a lot of activities, but capturing their attention enough to engage them in the first place is rarely easy. A lot of parents and guardians instantly turn to soft toys to keep their little ones entertained and though baby soft toys usually work for a short while, eventually young children are looking for something else. Luckily, there are a tonne of activities for babies and toddlers for you to try. Whether you are hanging out at home or heading somewhere new, there is no shortage of activity ideas for toddlers. So, which one will you be starting with?

15 Things to Do with Toddlers at Home

  • Playdough - Little ones love getting creative with Playdough and it’s a relatively affordable, simple and straightforward toddler activity. Simply set them up with a variety of colours and let them get creative. There are no limits, so why not encourage them to create an animal or a Playdough version of themselves.

  • Make a Mask - With so many animals, characters and designs to choose from there are no limits on how many masks you can make. This means it’s a toddler activity that can be done over and over again. All you need is paper plates, some colouring tools and a piece of elastic. It’s a great way to let your child be creative and play as someone - or something! - else.

  • Indoor Cinema - If you are looking for a toddler activity that is a little more relaxed, consider setting up an indoor cinema. All you need to do is draw the curtains, stock up on popcorn and put on a film they haven’t seen before. It’s sure to keep them entertained, for an hour or two at least.

  • Bake Cakes - Baking cakes with toddlers is a popular activity for a reason - it’s fun for everyone! It’s a great way to get toddlers involved in the kitchen and to teach them a little bit about baking, utensils and kitchen safety. Of course, half the fun is licking the spoon and decorating, so don’t skip those important parts.

  • Load Up an Indoor Bus - Do you have a toddler who enjoys transport and pretend play? Consider lining up chairs in pairs, filling the seats with dolls and teddies, and letting them play at being a bus driver. This is an activity that’s perfect for a rainy day.

  • Paint Faces - You don’t have to be an artist to get stuck in with face painting, especially if your toddler is young enough to appreciate any face painting efforts. Face paints are relatively cheap to buy, so it’s certainly not going to break the bank.

  • Sing Nursery Rhymes - Everyone remembers learning nursery rhymes at school, but there is nothing stopping you getting started a little younger and teaching them to your toddler. If you have a baby, singing to them is a lovely way to bond and calm them.

  • Play With Bubbles - It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s mess free - it’s bubbles! All you need is a bubble wand and some washing up liquid, or you can buy a bottle of ready mixed bubbles. This is an activity that children of any age can enjoy, but it’s especially engaging and magical for those who are toddler aged and below.

  • Playdate - If you are running out of ideas for toddler and baby activities to do at home, why not arrange a playdate? Not only does it give you some adult company, but it allows your child to socialise and interact with someone their own age. For a short while at least, most young children are happy to entertain each other.

  • Cardboard Box Fort - If you have a large cardboard box floating about, consider turning it into a cardboard box fort. Not only does it give children somewhere new to play, but it can encourage all sorts of new adventures. Plus, you can let them draw on the walls and personalise the fort as much as they want.

  • Painting - Though it’s one of the messier toddler activities, there is no denying how entertaining painting can be. As long as you take precautions to protect your table and floor, a painting activity can keep little ones busy for hours.

  • Screen Time - As parents, we want to fill our little ones’ days with arts and crafts, with activities that are going to educate them and help them to learn. However, sometimes a bit of screen time really is the perfect way to go. There is nothing wrong with an hour or so of screentime, and it will free up some of your time. Don’t forget, there are a lot of educational resources out there. 

  • Colouring In - There are very few toddlers out there who don’t like colouring in, so make time for it as much as you can. Colouring in is quiet, it’s not too messy and it helps your toddler to develop their art skills. Though you are unlikely to receive anything too impressive, it’s something your little one is sure to enjoy.

  • Get Moving - There are a lot of online resources for keeping your babies and toddlers active - think Joe Wicks’ during lockdown - and it’s a free way to burn off some of their energy. All you need is a television and space to move around.

  • Share ‘Jobs’ - If you have a lot to do around the house, keep your toddler entertained by asking them to help. They are unlikely to perfectly tidy up or clean, but young children love to have a special job and feel as though they are helping out.

Top Tips for Entertaining a Baby and Toddler

  • Mix Things Up - If you know anything about organising activities for toddlers at home, you will know that you need to mix things up occasionally. Though a child may enjoy an activity, they are unlikely to want to do it everyday. Eventually, they will get bored and other toddler activities will be needed. To avoid this, mix things up and provide a wide range of options. For example, one day could involve playing outside and another day could involve a craft.

  • Get Outdoors - With little ones running around, it can quickly feel like even the most spacious of homes is small and cramped. When this happens, head outdoors. You could visit the local park or an attraction, or you could simply venture into the garden if you are lucky enough to have one. It’s a great way for toddlers to burn off some steam, and it’s a good source of fresh air for babies. You can sit back and watch whilst they run around, get rid of their pent up energy and tire themselves out.

  • Sometimes, Less is More - A lot of parents and guardians try to do too much, assuming that babies and toddlers need to be entertained for every minute of the day. However, this is not the case and sometimes less is more. There is nothing wrong with putting on their favourite film or television show, or simply letting them play alone. Babies and toddlers can be entertained without the need for expensive, complex and extravagant activities.

  • Involve Other People - There is nothing wrong with asking for help, especially if you are struggling to keep a baby and a toddler entertained all day. Spending a few hours visiting friends or grandparents is an easy way to entertain little ones, as is organising a playdate or signing up for an age appropriate class. With more people to engage with, children of any age are bound to be entertained for longer.

As you can see, there are a tonne of fantastic ways to entertain a baby and toddler. Whether you are looking for activity ideas for toddlers or activities for babies, you certainly won’t find yourself short of choice. At Nordicstork, we have a whole host of beautiful toys and gifts that can help you along the way. Adding some Scandi toys into the mix is a great way to provide toddlers and babies with unique, engaging and creative toys. Not only do they encourage imaginative play, but they keep things interesting by being different to standard toys found on your local high street. To find out more about any of our toys and gifts, get in touch with the Nordicstork team.