7 Best Developmental Toys for a 6-Month-Old

3 February 2022

There are a lot of baby toys out there, you will constantly see articles detailing the best baby toys and the top educational toys for a 6 month old. So, knowing what toys are actually worth buying can be difficult. After all, they can’t all be the best, can they? Though a lot of companies claim to sell learning toys for babies, many are simply the same standard toys that you will have seen before. However, Nordicstork does things a little bit differently. For us, having a vast selection of developmental toys for a 6 month old baby is key. Playtime should be fun for a baby, but it’s also a time to help them develop and grow. It’s time for them to be exposed to new things, to learn new skills and to encourage social interaction. Along with our beautiful Scandinavian gifts, you will find a whole host of educational toys for a 6 month old. So, which one will you choose?

Best Toys for a 6 Month Old

Regardless of whether you are purchasing a toy for your own child, a child of a friend or a family member, you will want to ensure that it is a toy that they love. This means a toy that the child enjoys playing with, but also a toy that the parents can see is somewhat educational and developmental. After all, wouldn’t everyone prefer that their baby was playing with educational toys for a six month old, rather than a toy that is unlikely to teach them anything? Luckily, a number of items at Nordicstork are ideal learning toys for babies.

Little Dutch Soft Activity Booklet Ocean Pink - Some of the best baby toys are books, and a child can never have too many. The Little Dutch Soft Activity Booklet in Ocean Pink is a fabulous option, as it’s colourful and engaging for a young baby. There are a tonne of ocean animals for a baby to get to know, as well as different materials and textures for them to get to grips with.

Little Dutch Soft Activity Cube Ocean Blue - The Little Dutch Soft Activity Cube Ocean Blue is hugely popular and it’s easy to see why. It contains a number of activities that stimulate a baby’s senses, and it’s packed with different textures for them to feel. There is a lot of movement with this toy, which will keep a 6 month old entertained and busy for a lot longer than many other toys. They can go back and forth between the mirror, teething ring and shark character.

Tender Leaf Bunny Tales - Start exploring characters, families and imaginative storytime with these beautiful wooden bunnies. The Tender Leaf Bunny Tales characters are Dotty the mum, Benny the dad and Pip the baby. They can be used to create stories and as little friends for a young baby to bond with. There is no end of playtime options with these wooden characters, each of which is beautifully finished in calming and stylish colours.

Organic Octopus Rattle in Ochre - There is no denying that babies enjoy having a comforting friend to play time, which is where the Organic Octopus Rattle in Ochre comes in. This rattle is the ideal shape for small baby hands, meaning they can grab and move the toy with ease. It’s made using crinkle paper and creates noises when moving, making it a good sensory experience for 6 month olds. This toy is ideal for supporting a baby’s development.

Fabelab Starfish Rattle - Like the Organic Octopus Rattle, the Fabelab Starfish Rattle is a wonderful toy for developing babies. It’s soft and easy to hold, all thanks its tactile shape and organic cotton material. The rattle makes noise when it’s moved, which is sure to captivate a baby’s ears and mind. This is a wonderful learning toy, as it doubles up as a comforting friend. This is a good choice if you are looking for something that helps to evolve their senses.

Little Dutch Music Box Whale in Mint - It’s no secret that babies are mesmerised by musical soothers, and the Little Dutch Music Box Whale is a beautiful option. Its calming colours make it ideal for the nursery, whilst it’s melody both calms and engages a baby. Whereas some musical toys can be over the top and loud, this is subtle and simple. It’s also available in ocean blue and ocean pink.

How to Choose Developmental Toys for a 6 Month Old Baby

Though choosing developmental toys for a 6 month old baby may appear straightforward and simple, the overwhelming amount of options can make the task a difficult one. However, it’s really just a case of narrowing down your options and deciding on an item that stands out as being something enjoyable and unique. With babies having so many toys, finding something a little out of the ordinary is beneficial. Not only does this mean they are less likely to have two of the same thing, but it also means that it’s something unique and attention grabbing.

When you are choosing educational toys for a 6 month old, think about what it is that you want them to learn. If you want them to learn an array of different sounds, a musical toy or a rattle is ideal. If you want them to learn to entertain themselves, a play mat or activity mat is a good choice. Stacking and sorting toys are also a popular option, as these help a baby to begin to distinguish colours, shapes and sizes.

What Makes Our Toys The Best Baby Toys?

At Nordicstork, you will find a whole host of incredible baby toys. These are toys that are beautiful to look at, enjoyable to play with, long lasting and sustainable. Plus, these are not toys that will stand out as being flashy or garish in your home. They are natural, neutral and Scandi in design. They do everything you want a baby toy to do - they teach a child new abilities, they help them to develop their skills and they encourage social interaction - whilst looking great and standing the test of time.

Our developmental toys for a 6 month old baby are not bright, bold and flashy. They do not make loud noises and they do not have flashing lights. They are simple, yet sturdy. They are straightforward, yet encourage play and imagination. Instead of our toys having a specific use or function, they inspire creativity and learning through play.

When you are looking for the best toys for a 6 month old, you really can’t go wrong with anything from Nordicstork Whether you choose a soft book or flashcards, a play mat or a rattle, you won’t be disappointed.