Holiday Gift Guide 2022: The Most Thoughtful Gifts For Newborns

25 January 2022

When it comes to buying a gift for a newborn, you will not find yourself short of choice. This is because there are numerous toys for a newborn baby and lots of baby gift ideas out there. However, finding the best gifts for babies that are also thoughtful is not quite as easy. Not only are you likely to find gifts that are generic and standard, there is always a risk that someone else has already gifted the same item. Simply, though there are a lot of baby gift ideas, many are not significant and meaningful. Luckily, you can certainly find thoughtful gifts for newborns if you know where to look. This is where Nordicstork comes in. With us, you will be spoiled for choice.

Find Your Ideal Thoughtful Gift for a Newborn

You only have to spend a minute or two browsing Nordicstork to see just how many thoughtful gifts there are for newborns. Instead of buying a somewhat standard present, you can choose something truly meaningful and memorable. Not only is this much more likely to be a gift that is treasured and remembered by both the child and their parents, but it shows just how much thought and effort you have put into selecting it. At Nordicstork, you will find a vast selection of gift ideas for newborns. To help you choose the ideal item, we have narrowed down our top suggestions for thoughtful gifts for newborns.

Wee Gallery Pram Book - If you are looking for a thoughtful book, the Wee Gallery Pram Book is an excellent choice. It’s a colourful, stimulating and engaging book that any baby is sure to love. Not only does it encourage a love of books, but it’s sensory elements - it has a crisp texture that crackles when it’s moved - help with a baby’s development. This is a gift that a child is sure to love for many years, starting with a love of the bright and bold colours before transitioning into a love of the story. Plus, as it can be attached to a pram, it’s unlikely to go missing any time soon.

Lulujo A Dream Come True Milestone Blanket - For any parent, acknowledging and remembering a baby’s milestones is an important part of parenting. For many parents, posting them on social media and keeping friends, family and colleagues updated is just as important. After all, it’s lovely to look back in years to come and remember what a child looked like at different ages and just how small they used to be. Plus, it shows just how much they have grown and changed from month to month. For this, the Lulujo A Dream Come True Milestone Blanket is the perfect gift. It’s the ideal way to take photos against a colourful backdrop, capturing a baby’s first months and highlighting their age with a milestone card. 

Fabelab Animal Cuddle Bear - There is no denying the love a baby has for their comforter, so the Fabelab Animal Cuddle Bear makes for a perfect thoughtful gift. It’s the ideal friend for a little one, whether they are snuggling at home or visiting somewhere new. A comforter is an excellent source of comfort, love and soothing for a baby of any age. There are even some children who keep their comforter well into adulthood. When a child feels tired or scared, they can reach for their comforter and know a friend is always there. If they are feeling unsure in a new environment, they have a friend there to relax them. There are also elephant and unicorn options available, if you are looking for something a little bit different to the popular teddy bear. 

Wee Gallery Bamboo Nesting Hedgehog - There has recently been an increased interest in wooden toys and this Wee Gallery Bamboo Nesting Hedgehog is the perfect example of why. Not only is it durable and long lasting, it’s completely safe and eco friendly. There are no plastic bits that are likely to break and no loud noises, this nesting hedgehog toy is all about encouraging creative play and sparking a baby’s imagination in a sustainable way. It’s a toy that a baby will love from a young age, right up to being a toddler with the ability to stack the pieces in order.

Fabelab Rainbow Blanket - We can all agree that baby blankets stand the test of time, with some even being handed down to future generations. The Fabelab Rainbow Blanket is a lovely, thoughtful and meaningful gift that any newborn baby would be lucky to receive. Not only does it look the part with its colourful design and soft shape, but it’s made using organic materials. It’s the ideal place for a baby to lay and take in their surroundings, before becoming a comfortable addition to the end of a child’s bed in later years. It’s sure to bring comfort and security, and encourage imaginative play for many years. It makes a great alternative present if you want to stay away from buying toys.

Little Dutch Baby Gift Box Flowers and Butterflies - If you are looking for a newborn gift that ticks every box, the Little Dutch Baby Gift Box Flowers and Butterflies is the one for you. These three items are soft and perfect for snuggling, hugging and playing with. One of them is perfect for peek-a-boo, naptime, teething and rattling. There really is a toy for every need and occasion within this gift set, which is why it’s such a popular option. Everything within the gift set is beautifully made using calming colours, and they are sure to keep a baby happy wherever they go.

How to Choose the Best Gifts for Babies

With so many gift ideas to choose from - this is the case regardless of whether you are shopping for Christmas gifts for newborns or toys for a newborn baby - you might find it difficult to choose the perfect gift. A lot of people assume that buying the best gifts for babies is difficult, but this is not the case. In fact, choosing the ideal present is relatively straightforward. Here are some things to think about when you are choosing a gift for a baby.

  • Choose Something Unique - There are sure to be a lot of people shopping for a baby’s first Christmas gifts, which means you run the risk of buying the same present as someone else. This is why it’s always a good idea to choose something unique, something that other people are unlikely to have seen themselves. Instead of buying a popular toy found at multiple high street shops, choose something that is less widely available. At Nordicstork, you will find a whole host of newborn gifts that are unique and out of the ordinary. These are not the standard gifts that you will find elsewhere.

  • Choose Something Scandi and Neutral - Nowadays, a lot of parents are starting to favour toys that compliment their homes somewhat. This means they lean towards toys and gifts that are neutral, natural and Scandi in design. Whereas baby toys used to always be bright and colourful, a lot of parents now prefer those that are calmer and more subtle. At Nordicstork, we have listened to this demand and have curated a collection of neutral, natural and Scandi items.

  • Choose Something Long Lasting - When it comes to choosing a gift for a newborn baby, think about how long the item will last. Though there are a lot of lovely baby gifts out there, many are unlikely to last more than a year or so. If you want to give a present that a child will enjoy for many years to come, choose something long lasting, such as a toy that will entertain and engage a child of all ages. 

As you can see, finding a thoughtful gift for a newborn doesn’t need to be a stressful shopping experience. By browsing Nordicstork, you can quickly find the most thoughtful gifts for a baby's first Christmas. From books to toys, and cuddle blankets to rattles, there really is something for everyone. To find out more about any of our items, get in touch with the Nordicstork team.