Taking Baby to the Beach? Safety Tips and Must Have Products

14 February 2022

There is no denying the enjoyment of taking a baby to the beach and thanks to baby beach toys, the experience can be fun for everyone. Though a little one is unlikely to enjoy a day of sunbathing, they are sure to like baby beach toys and using must have baby items like an organic muslin swaddle. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that taking a baby to the beach is a stressful and difficult task, but that really doesn’t need to be the case. As long as you have kids sand toys and things to entertain them with, children of all ages are sure to enjoy time spent playing in the sand and splashing in the sea.

Must Have Baby Items at the Beach

You only need to have a quick search online and you will see how many mixed opinions there are on must have baby items at the beach. Whilst some people will say A, B and C are necessary items, others will argue that it’s X, Y and Z that are the most important. At Nordic Stork, we like to keep things simple by ensuring the following three items are always packed for a day at the beach.

  • Sun Cream - This is arguably the most important to take with you to the beach, regardless of how old you are. However, sun cream is especially important for babies and toddlers. With delicate skin, sun damage is likely if they are not properly protected. There are lots of sun cream options, and many have been designed with babies in mind.

  • Beach Blanket - There are two things to remember about sand; it gets everywhere and it can be very hot. This is why it’s good to have a beach blanket. You can place your little one on the blanket, and let them explore without worrying about them getting a face full of sand or burned. There are tonnes of beach blankets to choose from, many of which are water resistant. If you are on a budget, you could use a bed sheet or picnic rug.

  • Shade - In the same way that suncream is vital when you are taking a baby to the beach, it’s important to always have shade. This is most easily done by bringing an umbrella, which you can buy ahead of time or rent at certain beaches. With shade, you don’t have to worry about your child being in direct sunlight and you always have somewhere safe to let them nap.

Our Top Baby Beach Toys

 Though you are sure to want to take a whole host of toys with you to the beach - anything to keep the little ones entertained, right? - that is not at all practical. Plus, a lot of baby toys are not beach appropriate. Anything with batteries, small parts and flashing lights don’t tend to work too well at the beach and there is always the chance of them breaking or becoming lost. Similarly, taking your baby’s favourite toys brings the risk of it going missing, resulting in a very upset infant. That is why picking the top beach baby toys is key. To help you out, we have listed some of our favourite baby beach toys.

Soft Cloth Books - You really can take soft cloth books anywhere, including the beach. They are lightweight, small and easy to pack. Regardless of how young your little one is, a soft cloth book is a useful toy to have. It’s calming, relaxing and unlikely to be damaged by sand, sun cream or splashing.

Building Blocks - There is so much fun to be had with building blocks and they are great for open ended play, encouraging creativity and boosting a child’s imagination. Plus, they are easy to take to the beach. There is nothing that can be broken, they won’t be damaged by a little bit of sand and they can keep babies entertained for hours.

Play Mats -  It’s always a good idea to take a blanket or mat to the beach - to give your baby somewhere safe and clean to play - but a play mat brings with it entertainment and something interesting to engage your baby. Instead of using a standard mat, you can bring one that has been designed to keep your baby comfortable and happy. 

These are three of the key things to take to the beach with a baby, but there are many must have items. For example, it’s vital to take everything your baby is likely to need during the day. This includes nappies, wipes, spare clothes, bottles and snacks. You don’t want to have to set up camp at the beach, only to find you're missing an important baby item. To ensure you don’t leave anything behind, we recommend writing a list and using it as a reference for every beach outing. It might sound like you’re being overly organised, but you will be glad of the list when you can enjoy a beach day without forgetting something important. 

Choose Nordic Stork for Baby Beach Toys

At Nordic Stork, you will find a whole host of fantastic baby toys. All of these are Scandi and natural, and sustainable, and many of them are perfect baby beach toys. Whether you are heading to the beach for a day trip or you are off on holiday abroad, baby beach toys should be a key part of your packing list. After all, you don’t want to be faced with a bored baby.

When you choose Nordic Stork for your must have baby items, you are choosing a company that you can trust. We understand the importance of high quality, safe and sustainable products for babies, and that is where we focus our attention. You can choose any of our toys for kids at the beach, knowing they are a natural and safe alternative to many toys found on the high street. To find out more about baby beach toys at Nordic Stork, get in touch.