The Benefits of Soft Toys for Babies

15 February 2022

Whether you are a parent or guardian yourself, or you have a friend’s little one to love, you are bound to enjoy buying toys and gifts for the baby in question. There are a lot of options out there, but time and time again people come back to baby soft toys. This is because baby soft toys are universally loved, appealing to a baby of any age and many become treasured possessions. Think about it, many newborn baby soft toys that are given as gifts become a newborn cuddly toy that the child cannot do without. Simply, you can’t go wrong by giving a little one a soft toy. Luckily, there are lots of options and you certainly won’t find yourself short of choice.

Why You Should Choose Newborn Baby Soft Toys

There are a lot of toys out there for babies and newborns, so knowing which are right for your child can be tough. Though there are rarely any toys that would be deemed bad or inappropriate - baby toys are generally created with the needs of a little one in mind - there are certainly some toys that are better than others. For us, a lot of the top options are soft toys for babies. 

There are a lot of reasons to choose soft toys for babies, some of which we will take a look at below, but the major reason to choose newborn baby soft toys is that they are safe. There are no sharp edges, no small parts and nothing that is likely to break off. This is hugely important, as it reduces the risk of your child accidentally hurting themselves during play. It’s also beneficial that a newborn cuddly toy or soft toy is extremely lightweight and easy to take from A to B. There is no need to worry about bringing a big and bulky toy with you, as a soft toy can squash down to fit into small spaces.

The Advantages of Soft Toys for Babies

As there are a lot of advantages that come with buying soft toys for babies, we have focused our attention on the top four.

  • They’re Educational - A lot of people underestimate the educational value that soft toys can have, just because they are not bright and bold electronic devices. They can help to teach a little one a lot of important skills, such as tucking themselves into bed or changing their clothes. These are both things that a child can ‘practice’ with a cuddly toy. You can use a soft toy to demonstrate how to do different tasks.

  • They Provide Comfort - There is no denying that babies love comforters and blankets, they use them to comfort themselves and to create a sense of safety. Soft toys work in the same way, and many can provide a baby with an additional sense of security. If they are somewhere new or feeling unsure, they have a comforting friend to reassure them. Like comforters, soft toys can help to keep a baby calm and relaxed.

  • They Encourage Language and Communication - From the moment they are born, babies hear language all around them. This is how they learn to speak, learn how to communicate and become fluent in a native language. Though a lot of what they learn comes from spending time with their parents and being spoken to, soft toys can also play a big part. Making cuddly toys talk and telling stories using soft toys are practical ways of teaching sounds, words and language. It’s also a good way to show a child how to take turns when talking and how the foundations of a conversation work.

  • They Help Children to Develop Social Skills - It’s important for a child to learn social skills and this begins at a young age, and it’s something soft toys for babies can help with. Young children who are encouraged to play with soft toys from early childhood have the opportunity to interact, connect and bond with their soft toy friends. They can pretend to be someone else in a role play game and this teaches them how to be social in different scenarios, how to react to others and how to communicate effectively. 

The Best Soft Toys for Babies

At Nordic Stork, you will find a wide range of gorgeous soft toys for babies and newborns. All of our toys are Scandi and natural, meaning they are just as enjoyable for you as they are for your little one. As it can be difficult to narrow down your options, we have handpicked three of our favourite soft toys. 

Fabelab Soft Organic Baby Bunny in Light Grey - This beautiful bunny is the ideal soft toy for any baby. Not only does it provide them with a cuddly friend to play with, but the softness of this organic toy makes it ideal for hugging and snuggling.

Thread Bear Pippa Rag Doll - The Thread Bear Pippa Rag Doll is extremely popular and we can see why. After all, who doesn’t love a rag doll? There are endless adventures and stories to be created with Pippa, and she’s the perfect companion wherever your little one goes.

Fabelab Big Buddy Bunny - Sometimes, bigger really is better and that’s certainly the case with the Fabelab Big Buddy Bunny. This cuddly toy is big enough to hug and cuddle with, but friendly enough to play with. It’s a soft toy that’s sure to get your child’s imagination going.

There is no denying that there are a lot of soft toys for babies at Nordic Stork, so why not browse our collection today? It doesn’t matter whether you choose a rag doll or a cuddly bunny, your child will cherish having a soft toy to call their own. You will find everything from dolls to books, from cuddly toys to soft friends. There really is something for all children, of all ages. Whichever item you choose, we are sure that your baby is going to love it. To find out more about Nordic Stork or any of our soft toys for babies, get in touch with our helpful team.