Top 10 Baby Role Play Toys That Encourage Imaginative Play

3 February 2022

There are a lot of ways for children, toddlers and babies to play. With so many toys and activities out there, there really is no limit on how a little one can enjoy playtime. However, for many parents and guardians, imagination play continues to be one of the most preferred types of play. This is because there are a lot of benefits that come with imagination play - it encourages a child’s creativity, social development, communication and cognitive skills - and this is why imaginative play toys are so popular. At Nordicstork, you will find a variety of toddler role play toys and imaginative role play toys. All of them are aimed at encouraging imaginative play, creativity and fun.

Our Top Toddler Role Play Toys

You only have to spend a minute or two browsing Nordicstork to see just how many role play toys are available. To help you find the ideal one for you - whether you are buying for your own child or a loved one, relative or friend - we have listed the top ten role play toys that encourage imaginative play.

  • Farmyard Pop Out Playset - If your child is a fan of animals, they are sure to enjoy a Farmyard Pop Out Playset. Not only does it help to develop problem solving and motor skills, but it’s great for imaginative and creative playtime. Everything in the play-set is connectable, meaning there is no shortage of ways to have fun. Your little one can come up with games and stories using the farmers, chickens, cow, pig, lamb, sheep and more.

  • Oskar & Ellen’s Chef’s Outfit - You’ll be hard pressed to find a toddler that doesn’t like dressing up, which is why the Oskar & Ellen’s Chef’s Outfit is a great choice for role playing. This set has everything a child needs to feel as though they are an important part of any kitchen.

  • Star Searcher Character Pack - There’s something about space that grabs a child’s attention, which is why the Star Searcher Character Park is so popular. Using the two astronauts and two robots, children can create games and imagine adventures in space. Everything is connectable, meaning there are a lot of options and ways to play.

  • Oskar & Ellen Toolbelt and Tools - You can really get a child’s imagination going wild with the Oskar & Ellen Toolbelt and Tools. It’s a gorgeous play-set, one that has everything they need to keep up to date with DIY and building. There are endless possibilities of how, who, where and when a child can play with this role play toy.

  • RNLI People Eco Friendly Playset - With this RNLI People Eco Friendly Play-set, children can explore the life of a lifeguard and engineer. All of the pieces connect easily, which makes it ideal for switching things up and developing motor skills. This is a toddler role play toy that is sure to keep them entertained for hours on end.

  • Oskar & Ellen Soft Tea Set - With the Oskar & Ellen Soft Tea Set, a little one has everything they need to host tea parties and treat friends. It’s soft and designed with children in mind, and every aspect of this role play toy encourages imaginative play. They can host a tea party, have a teddy bear’s picnic or serve loved ones delicious cupcakes.

  • Jabadabdo Wooden Cash Register - Let a toddler gain an insight into what it’s like to work in their favourite shop with the Jabadabado Wooden Cash Register. There’s a cash box, scanner, credit card reader, coin box and everything they need to sell goods. It’s a great toy for teaching about money and counting, and it helps little ones to get to grips with buying and selling.

  • Oskar & Ellen Sushi Set - A lot of role play toys are similar, but the Oskar & Ellen Sushi Set certainly stands out as being something different. It’s a fantastic way to teach children about a different culture, and there’s always the chance to learn how to use chopsticks. It’s also the ideal toy for encouraging a child to try something different. After all, role play sushi sets are not something you come across often.

  • Jack and the Beanstalk Wooden Characters - With the Jack and the Beanstalk Wooden Characters, a child can use their imagination and creativity to develop stories, adventures and play. These figures are long lasting and durable, whilst being beautifully designed with eye-catching colours. A child of any age can create new and exciting versions of the traditional Jack and the Beanstalk story.

  • Jabadabdo Wooden Toy Toaster - There are huge benefits that come with teaching a child basic skills from a young age, such as cooking and using a toaster. This Jabadabado Wooden Toy Toaster has rotating knobs, levers and bread slices for little ones to use. It’s a great way to support imagination and role play.

The Benefits of Imaginative Play Toys

  • Encourages Creativity - There are a lot of toys out there that have very strict limitations on how they can be played with. For example, a puzzle or a board game can only be used in a handful of ways. However, toddler role play toys encourage creativity and imagination as the ‘game’ relies on the child coming up with a storyline. Playing with a baby doll requires a child to use their creativity, imagination and to play pretend. With role play toys they are encouraged to make their own fun.

  • Develops Social Development - Role play toys are a great way for children to develop their empathy and emotions. When they are pretending to be someone else, a child has to think about how someone else may feel or how someone else may react in a situation. Role play toys give them a chance to interact, react and compromise with others.

  • Improves Communication and Language - When a child is playing with role play toys, they are required to use their communication and language skills. This could involve voicing a character, telling someone else the story or directing whoever they are playing with. This can really help to improve and develop their skills, as it encourages them to speak and convey their thoughts in a natural way.

  • Boosts Problem Solving and Thinking - Being involved in imaginative play means a child has to decide a lot of things, and this can boost their problem solving skills. They need to decide what they are doing to play, who they are doing to play with and what they need for their game. They may have to come out with rules or solve problems. All of this requires them to use their problem solving abilities. 

Wooden Role Play Toys at Nordicstork

At Nordicstork, you will find a whole host of beautiful imaginative play toys for children and babies. These are toys that are designed to spark creativity and to encourage role playing, whether that be pretending to work on a farm or heading off into space. With so many wooden role play toys to choose from, knowing where to start can be difficult. Luckily, there really is not a subpar or ‘bad’ option. All of our imaginative play toys are high quality, long lasting and they have been designed to encourage creativity in children of all ages. To find out more about any of our wooden role play toys, get in touch with the Nordicstork team.