Tummy Time Essentials: What You Should Know

15 February 2022

When a baby is born, parents are inundated with recommendations and suggestions of what they should be doing with their child. There’s advice on feeding and sleeping, playing and socialising, and opinions differ hugely. However, one thing that everyone can agree on is the importance of tummy time. There are a lot of different ways to do tummy time; some parents choose to use a baby activity blanket and others use a tummy time playmat, some parents use tummy time toys and others use this time to introduce age appropriate books. There really is no right or wrong way of doing tummy time, as long as your baby has the vital opportunity to build up their strength and muscles. 

The Benefits of Tummy Time Activities

There are a number of benefits that come with newborn tummy time, which is why professionals and parents alike are keen proponents of tummy time activities. A lot of people are aware that newborn tummy time helps babies to develop strong neck and shoulder muscles. However, there are actually many more benefits to be aware of. For example, tummy time promotes motor skills and can prevent flat head syndrome. It can also help a baby to build up the strength to roll up, sit up, crawl and walk. Though a newborn won’t be at the crawling and walking stage for a while, tummy time can help them to build the strength needed for the eventual transition. With so many benefits to tummy time, it makes sense to start tummy time activities from a young age. You can begin tummy time from the newborn stage, gradually increasing the length of time and frequency with age.

Everything You Need to Know About Newborn Tummy Time

There is a lot of information out there about newborn tummy time, which can make it difficult to know how it all works. To help you out, we have compiled some key pieces of information on everything you need to know about tummy time.

  • The best way to start tummy time is by spreading out a baby activity blanket or tummy time playmat on the floor - you should choose an area that is flat - and laying your little one down on their belly.

  • For young babies, you should start with three to five minutes of tummy time. This amount can be gradually increased as they age. As your child gets older, they will be able to stay on their belly for longer.

  • For newborn tummy time, you can start by laying your baby on your chest for a minute or two. This can be done up to three times a day, though some babies will enjoy tummy time less than others. As they get older, you can transition them to a blanket or tummy time playmat on the floor.

  • It’s best to do tummy time when your baby is awake and alert, such as after a nappy change or after bath time. This is when they will be most likely to enjoy and engage in tummy time.

  • To ensure your baby enjoys tummy time as much as possible, consider buying some appropriate tummy time toys. There are a lot of baby tummy time toys to choose from, so you won’t be short of choice.

  • You can keep tummy time interesting by using a variety of toys and venturing outside; there is no reason as to why your baby can’t enjoy tummy time at the park.

Essential Tummy Time Toys

With a quick Google search, you will see that there are a tonne of baby tummy time toys out there. At Nordic Stock, we focus our attention on Scandi and natural baby toys that are sustainable. You only need to spend a minute or two browsing our collection to see just how many baby tummy time toys are available. With so much choice, you might be torn on which tummy time toys to start with. To help you out, we have listed some of the most popular.

  • Activity Mat or Baby Gym -Though you can certainly do tummy time with a blanket on the floor, a lot of parents opt for an activity mat or baby gym. These are specifically designed to keep a baby engaged and entertained when they do tummy time, and they are stimulating without the need for additional toys.

  • Light Up Toys - There is no denying that little ones light up toys, which is why they are a popular option for tummy time. Instead of placing your baby on the floor without something to look at, you can entertain them with a light up toy. This is especially beneficial if your child doesn’t enjoy tummy time or they are easily bored.

  • Board or Fabric Book - It’s never too early to get your child interested in books, and you can start with newborns. There are a tonne of board and fabric books to choose from, all of which have been designed to be stimulating to a baby. Placing a book in front of them when they are doing tummy time provides them with something to look at and somewhere to focus their attention.

  • Baby Mirror - Baby mirrors are not recommended for children under three months of age, but they are the ideal tummy time toy for infants that are a little bit older. They introduce a baby to their reflection and offer a stimulating, engaging and enjoyable form of entertainment. They give your child something to look at and focus on when they are doing tummy time.

As you can see, tummy time is something that all parents and guardians should be doing with their infants. Whether you have a newborn or a four month old, tummy time is equally important. At Nordic Stork, we provide everything you need to make tummy time something to look forward to. You can choose from a selection of beautiful blankets and playmats, or treat your baby to a sustainable tummy time toy. Whichever you choose, tummy time is sure to give your baby a much needed boost.