What Are The Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts?

14 February 2022

There is no shortage of newborn gifts out there, you only have to look online for a minute or two to realise just how many options there are. However, knowing which are the most useful can be difficult. Though you don’t want to buy something that could be deemed dull and boring, you also don’t want to buy something that is impractical or unlikely to be used. Simply, it’s not easy to find a baby shower gift that ticks every box. At Nordic Stork, we focus our attention on useful baby gifts that the whole family is sure to love. You can browse our vast collection of Scandi and natural baby shower gifts, knowing that they are all guaranteed to be well received and loved by the recipients. 

What Do You Take to a Baby Shower?

If you have been invited to a baby shower, you might find yourself wondering what you should take. There are a lot of baby shower gift ideas to choose from, but choosing the perfect newborn gifts can be difficult. After all, you don’t want to buy something the expectant parents already have or something they don’t need. Though it’s customary and somewhat expected to take a present to a baby shower - turning up without a gift isn’t the end of the world, but you might be singled out for the wrong reason - there are no right or wrong things to take. As long as you choose a thoughtful gift with the family in mind, it’s sure to go down well. 

There are two main categories of baby shower gifts; you can take something for the baby or you can take something for the parents. Gifts for the baby are the obvious, well known baby shower presents. These are things such as cuddly toys, baby clothes and toys. Gifts for the parents are less commonly given, but they are certainly just as well received. These are things such as snacks and supplies to make the first few weeks of parenthood that little bit easier, or a pamper kit to encourage the mum to take an hour or so for herself. 

How to Choose the Best Newborn Gifts

If you are struggling to choose the best newborn gifts, you are not alone. A lot of people find themselves invited to a baby shower, with no idea what to buy and where to buy it from. To help you out, we have come up with three things to do. Choosing something unique, personalised or useful is always a good place to start.

  • Choose Something Unique - There are bound to be lots of people giving the parents and baby newborn gifts, so try to choose something a little bit out of the ordinary. This reduces the chances of you giving them something they already have. Plus, unique baby shower presents are always more memorable. Though you don’t want to go as far as to choose something that is impractical or not needed, it’s a good idea to consider slightly different baby shower gift ideas. 

  • Choose Something Personalised - There are a lot of baby shower presents that are somewhat generic, which is why personalising something is always a nice option. You can personalise a range of items with a child’s name, such as blankets and dressing gowns. You could also have a personalised piece of art made or a personalised photo frame. These are all things that stand out as being extra special for the little one. Plus, they usually end up becoming keepsakes that are kept for years to come.

  • Choose Something Useful - If you ask anyone who has had a baby shower, they will tell you that they received a lot of newborn gifts that weren’t useful. Though it’s nice to have beautiful blankets and cuddly toys, having a baby is expensive and you can never have enough useful items. These are usually overlooked by others, which can mean that the parents go without. Useful baby shower gift ideas include nappies, baby clothes, wipes, muslins and bibs.

Our Top Baby Shower Gifts UK

At Nordic Stork, we have a number of useful baby shower gifts. You can browse our range, knowing that there is something for everyone. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will find a baby shower gift that ticks every box. Though we have a variety of baby shower gifts available, the following three stand out as being extra special.

Noising Rabbit with a Light - Lack of sleep is something all parents struggle with, but the Noising Rabbit with a Light is sure to help. It’s a soft, huggable and luxurious sleep aid that has been designed by a team of professionals. It helps to lure babies into a gentle sleep, encouraging them to have a calm and restful night. It’s a popular gift for a baby shower and it’s something all parents can benefit from.

Little Dutch Small Cuddly Octopus - You really can’t go wrong with a cuddly toy, and this Little Dutch Small Cuddly Octopus is something special. It’s soft, cute and perfect as a baby's best friend. It’s a lovely nursery accessory and ideal if you are looking for a beautiful, affordable and popular baby shower gift.

Fabelab White Flower Baby Activity Blanket - A lot of people underestimate just how useful it can be to receive an activity blanket as a baby shower gift, and the Fabelab White Flower Baby Activity Blanket is one of our favourites. It gently stimulates the little one’s senses, is made using soft and organic materials, and it has a tonne of different textures. It’s sure to keep a baby entertained and engaged during tummy time.

Whether you have a tight budget to adhere to or you want to splash the case, you won’t struggle to find a baby shower gift at Nordic Stork. We have something for every baby shower, from soft activity cubes to cloth books. To find out more about any of our newborn gifts, get in touch with Nordic Stork or browse our collection online.