Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Parents Will Love

16 December 2021

There are few things as exciting as finding out that a loved one is expecting a baby. Whether it’s a close friend, a family member of a colleague, there is no denying the happiness and joy that comes with a pregnancy announcement. One of the first things you may think about is what gift you would like to give to the parents and soon-to-be newborn, as a baby shower celebration is probably just around the corner. However, coming up with baby shower gift ideas is never easy. If you are anything like us, you will either have too many ideas or none at all.

With so many new baby gifts to choose from and no idea what the parents would like to receive, it’s likely that you will find yourself drowning in a sea of newborn gifts and unsure what to buy. You might even have a tonne of baby shower gift ideas of your own, but narrowing down the different options can be tough. After all, you don’t want to buy something they already have or something they have no use for. Thankfully, there are some baby gift ideas that all parents are sure to love. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With These Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  • A Beautiful Baby Blanket - One of the best newborn gifts you can buy is a beautiful baby blanket, as it’s an item that every parent needs to stock up on. When it comes to buying a baby blanket, you have a few options to choose from. You could buy a keepsake blanket - these are often personalised and designed to be kept forever - or you could buy a swaddling blanket, ideal for ensuring the baby is comfortable and cosy at bedtime. A multipack of receiving blankets is also a good idea, as parents tend to stock up on these and use multiple throughout the day.

  • Nappies, Wipes and Supplies - These may not be the most exciting baby shower gifts, but ask any parent and they are sure to tell you that nappies and other similar supplies are some of the best newborn gifts you can receive as an expectant parent. Though it’s lovely to be gifted clothes and keepsakes, it’s nappies and wipes that parents spend a lot of money on. Plus, they go through a seemingly endless amount in the first few months of the baby’s life. This is the ideal baby shower gift idea if you are wanting to get something that is useful and practical.

  • Eco Friendly Toys - Recently, many parents have become a lot more aware of the types of toys they give to their children. This has led to a large focus on eco friendly toys and wooden toys, those that are more sustainable, with less attention being paid to battery operated toys made from plastic. A lot of people overlook baby toys as baby shower gifts, on the basis that newborns are too young to enjoy playing with toys. Though this is somewhat true, expectant parents are often inundated with items for a newborn and nothing for when the child gets a little bit older. This is why new baby toys are a good gift idea, as you are likely to be one of the few people to have thought of something that isn’t specifically for a newborn. 

  • Books for Baby’s Library - Everyone wants their children to grow up reading beautiful books about their favourite things, whether that be a collection of fairy tales or a book about dinosaurs. Reading to a baby helps to develop communication, as well as teaching them how to listen and giving them knowledge about the world around them. This is why an addition to the baby’s library is always a welcome baby shower gift. You could give them your favourite book growing up or a book that’s going to teach them something. You could go for a classic baby book that everyone knows and loves, or something a little bit out of the ordinary. There are hundreds and thousands of books that are ideal for a baby’s library, so you won’t be short of choice.

  • A New Parents Gift Basket - If you really want a baby shower gift that parents will love, get them something for themselves. The focus of a baby shower is to celebrate the upcoming arrival, but the newborn stage is never easy. The majority of people spend the first few months of parenthood feeling overwhelmed, stressed and tired. They are unlikely to think about themselves and finding time to relax is tough. This is why a new parent's gift basket is always well received. A new parents gift basket will often include delicious treats, coffee, chocolates, soaps, bubble baths, sleep masks and candles. These can be made as personal and bespoke as you like, depending on who you are giving it to and what they like.

  • Baby Clothes - If you don’t know whether they are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl, opt for neutral baby clothes. This will ensure they are used regardless of the gender. If you do know what they are having, buy clothes that match the parents’ personal style. If they keep their own clothes neutral, they are likely to want to do the same for their baby. If they wear a lot of bright and bold colours themselves, it’s likely they will dress their baby in bright and bold colours too. It’s also a good idea to buy baby clothes in a larger size. A lot of people will give newborn and 0-3 month clothes as a gift, leaving the parents with very little for 3-6 months. However, if you do go for a larger size, think about the season they will be worn. A baby born in February will be four months old in June, so they will not need size 3-6 month winter clothing. 

  • A Personalised Keepsake Box - There are bound to be a few things the parents will want to keep from the time their child is a baby, such as the outfit they wore home from the hospital and their favourite baby blanket or soft toy. A keepsake box gives them somewhere safe and special to store everything. By personalising the keepsake box, you are adding a bespoke and unique element to it. If there are multiple children in the household, it’s clear who the keepsake box belongings to.

  • A Baby Record Book - It’s true what they say, when you have a baby the days are long and the years are short. Before parents know it, their tiny newborn is a lively toddler who is learning something new every day. This is why a baby record book makes a great baby shower gift, as it gives parents somewhere to keep track of all the key moments in their child’s life. If something exciting happens and they don’t want to forget about it, they can note it down in the baby record book. It’s where they can document photographs, first words and milestones. It's something parents can use year after year, and keep forever to look back on.

How to Choose the Best Baby Shower Gift

When you are choosing a baby shower gift, think about the person or people you are giving it to. Don’t simply pick the first gift you come across, take the time to think about who the baby shower is for and consider the type of gifts they are hoping for. You could even go as far as to ask what they already have and if there is something they are in desperate need of. What one person may like as a baby shower gift, another person may not. For example, some parents want to keep things minimal with a limited amount of toys at home. Therefore, they are unlikely to want a big toy that takes up a lot of space or anything too extravagant. However, other parents may want their children to have as many toys as possible and will welcome large baby toys with open arms. Similarly, some parents may be extremely specific about what they are hoping to dress their newborn in. Therefore, baby clothes could be a hit and miss gift. 

Of course, there is no need to stress yourself out or worry about picking a baby shower gift. The point of a baby shower is to celebrate the new addition and to get excited for their arrival, not to go over the top with gifts and worry about what to buy. Whatever you choose will be appreciated, used and enjoyed.