Our Story

nordicstork was founded by Leah Anidi-Ryz in 2020, a blessed Mum of three with a penchant for all things Scandi and natural.

Leah's background is in User Experience Design, Research and Product Design. It was through combining this skillset and passion for helping children learn and develop through play, that nordicstork was born.

Baby Daniel was born on June 5th 2020 at 18.02. He was born at term (39 weeks and 2 days) but was unexpectedly very little. It was a huge surprise for everyone as he had been measuring big in utero. Leah also had a small haemorrhage during the surgery.

All was well at first but at 20 hours old, Daniel couldn't manage his blood sugar levels and became at risk of brain damage. He was rushed to Supportive Care, leaving Leah with just his baby hat for comfort. Other women were happily wheeled in joyously with their own bundles.

Leah recalls not knowing a pain like it. 

"You just feel like your whole soul has been ripped out of you. I just couldn't talk - actually, I couldn't breathe. It probably wasn't helped by my hormones, but I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone"

Despite having just had major abdominal surgery, Leah visited Daniel constantly day and night in an attempt to breastfeed him - something that Leah wasn't able to do when her twins were born and was therefore extra important to her.

Daniel was being tube fed in order to get his blood sugar levels up, which was completely necessary, though admittedly difficult for Leah to witness and accept.

"Your mind and body is ready to feed your baby - but you have no baby to feed".Daniel came home a week later, which is hindsight says Leah, isn't that long at all, but felt like a lifetime at the time. Once home, there was certainly an adjustment phase to be had. Daniel's siblings, had not seen their Mummy in over a week, for her to then arrive home with an 'imposter'. It was during lockdown and Daniel and Leah had not been allowed any visitors. 

"The wonderful midwives became my friend, family, therapist and support system, all wrapped up in one"

Leah escalated her plans for nordicstork shortly after Daniel came home. In some ways, it was a welcome distraction from the trauma that she'd gone through, which of course did eventually catch up with her a few weeks later, but is now firmly in the past. After-all, Daniel had become quite the "chunk".

nordicstork's 4 Core Beliefs

nordicstork believes in many things but is essentially founded on four core beliefs. They underpin everything we do. From how we source our products, to how we communicate with our customers. We are proud to be a 'people first' company.

1 People, Planet and Profit

We believe that it is possible to have a profitable, successful business and help people and the planet at the same time. 

Everything we do is thought through as much as possible. From how we source our products, to who makes them under which conditions to how you feel about them when you unwrap them and of course, the impact they have on our environment and you little one's development.

We aren't greedy  - we know that sustainble and ethical toys and gifts natural and are expensive (albeit for good reason) and so we price-match. We want you to be able to afford to buy better quality toys for your little one or a gorgeous gift for a friend's new bundle. We think that every child deserves open-ended play so we try to be as accessible to as many people as possible. `

2 Fewer Toys = Better Play

We believe in quality over quantity. We think that children can sometimes end up with too many toys and therefore find it difficult to play effectively or develop through play. We think it's better for children to actually enjoy fewer, but better quality toys than lose interest in play because they have too much of what they don't need or enjoy

3 Encourage thoughtful gift-giving

As parents, we have experienced the awkwardness of having received untold amounts of flashing, plastic gifts that we know our children will not engage with. That is why we believe in asking the receiver what gift they may like for their little one, rather than assuming. It may not be 'very British' to do so, but if you don't ask you don't get. We aim to make this far less painful for parents through the design of our site - but one step at a time for us!

4 Support emotional wellbeing in children

Now more than ever is the time to think about the emotional wellbeing of our children. That is why we have a selection of books and toys to help your little ones to think about how they are feeling. It's tough being little, never-mind during a world pandemic. Let's be kind and thoughtful and do what we can to offer as much support as possible.