About us

How it all started

We are a neuro-diverse family of 5, made up of two Mothers, gorgeous boy and girl twins and a lovely singleton. We founded Nordicstork in 2020 when Daniel, our lockdown baby, became ill at only 20 hours old.

We didn't know to what extent Daniel's development would be impacted and we became fixated with trying to find sensory and developmentally supportive toys that didn't cost a fortune - but failed. 

And so Nordicstork was born with the sole intention of stocking beautiful, ethical and sustainable toys that don't cost the earth (literally and figuratively speaking).

We're on a mission

During lockdown, it became clear that our son Jacob was neuro-diverse. He had just turned 4 and we were totally isolated because of Covid. These were very challenging times for our family.

In 2021, Jacob was finally diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. 

Did you know that less than 22% of Autistic Adults are in employment? We are shocked by this figure and do not want Jacob to be a statistic.

We are working very hard to grow Nordicstork so that Jacob will always have a job and work opportunities. And as we get bigger, we want to actively offer work opportunities to other individuals with special needs.

When you support Nordicstork, you support our little family.

Thank you x