Do you really Price Match?

Absolutely - we don't want you paying more for something than you have to. We do obviously have some criteria, so please take a little peek at what we have outlined below before you request a price-match to save us saying no to you (not something we like doing!)


Our Price-Matching criteria

  1. The product in question must be identical in size and colour and model to the one you are comparing it to
  2. The other retailer must have it in stock
  3. We must be able to deliver it within the timescales we offer
  4. If you are ordering outside of the UK, we'll only match the price the other retailer has in your local currency
  5. The price in question, must be the full price offered to all of the other retailer's customers and not as part of a reward scheme for you or a personal price for you
  6. Please still expect to pay delivery charges when you order
  7. We won't be able to price match against retailers that are different to us, i.e a membership club, a retailer with pre-owned products, an outlet store or similar (E.g ebay, Amazon, TK Maxx etc)
  8. We won't be able to price-match against a retailer who is in liquidation or shutting down or offering
  9. we won't be able to price-match against a retailer who has the product in question on sale

We don't like rules and consider ourselves to be quite flexible, so if you aren't sure or you gave any addition questions, we'd love to hear from you at