Stars Before Bedtime - A Mindful Fall Asleep Book

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This lovely book will help you to create a calm bedtime ritual, a soothing journey through the glittering constellations of the night sky woven with tried-and-tested sleep exercises. In this fast-paced world, relaxing and preparing for sleep can be difficult for children.

This beautiful, fact-filled book helps ease bedtime struggles with mindfulness, muscle relaxation, gentle yoga poses, visualisation and other exercises are proven to help kids release stress and anxiety, clear their minds, get ready for bed and fall asleep faster while also boosting happiness and improving overall health.


  • Helps to create a relaxing bedtime routine
  • Encourages calmness and mindfulness
  • Beautifully illustrated




Bookspeed is a lovely family business who supply a range of books, stationery and games to suit individual retailers' needs. We personally love the diversity and inclusivity within their titles.


Ellie Harman
April 20th 2022

We gave it to our very imaginative 6 year old nephew who has a busy mind and finds going to sleep difficult and often scary. And oh wow, this book has made such a difference the three nights since he got it. His mum said it made him feel safe and loved and sent his wonderful little mind off to positive places rather than scary things. The second night, his older brother joined him in doing some of the exercises and they all went to bed calmer than ever. I thought you would like to know it has made such an impact ❤️❤️❤️