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Done By Deer Tiny Toy Activity Gift Set - Pebble

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The Done by Deer Tiny Activity Toys Gift Set includes 3 cute toys for your little one, great for practising baby's first talents. The sensory rattle is perfect for age 2-4 months with special a focus on stimulating the uncontrolled movements.

When at 3-5 months, little ones start to be interested in exploring and will love the chewy material and sweet sound of the Tiny teething rattle. The texture on the chewing ring will stimulate both the visual, oral, and tactile senses.

At age 4-6 months, the Antee handle of the string rattle is easy to hold while the other hand explores the fun and textured strings and activates the rattle sound.


  • 100% Cotton
  • CE Tested
  • Suitable from 2 months


100% Cotton


Done By Deer combines great design, innovation and a daring use of contemporary colours to make every item outstanding. The Done by Deer interior and toys are for families who want to maintain a balance when decorating with kids in mind and still appreciate the simplicity of Danish design, which easily matches the rest of the décor. They are 100% friendly in everything that they do! 


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