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Oskar & Ellen Goodnight Bunny Book

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This lovely soft book will help you to create a fun and comforting moment to your child’s bedtime routine. The little bunny is going to bed, but must first pack away the toys, get undressed, have a bath, put pyjamas on, brush the teeth and listen to a sleep story. Nice thick handles make it easy to carry along and the zipper holds all in place perfectly.


  • Comforting at bedtime
  • Made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester
  • Designed in Sweden




Oskar & Ellen believe every parent is picky about what his or her child plays with.

They all want products that are useful, inspiring, safe and sustainable and work with the aim to provide an innovative and fun range of soft fabric toys to encourage a child’s imagination as well as learning through pretend play.

They are known for our high-quality products, individually made with unrivalled attention to detail.