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Say hello to Jungle Crash! Maths-loving kids will go “bananas” for this fun math game. Ideal for two players, it can be played with friends and family. In this maths game for kids, youngsters need to simply build the wall with the numbers on the bricks face down. Then, place the monkey and banana on the top. Each player takes turns to push a brick to the other player’s side of the wall - making sure the wall doesn’t come tumbling down! The aim of the game is to avoid giving your opponent more points by having fewer bricks fall on their side of the wall. The winner is the player who has the highest number of points on their fallen bricks.


  • A superb way to develop counting and hand/eye coordination skills.


Let's talk about Bigjigs! This amazing, family-owned business was born in a garden shed in Great Britain and their toys are truly enchanting. With a traditional charm that will make you smile, they consistently inspire imaginative play for kids all over the world. Better yet, Bigjigs believes in safety, quality, and affordability so parents can trust their toys, and kids can have fun for years to come.