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Yellow Door Let's Investigate - Woodland Footprints

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We adore this set of engaging woodland footprints. Each set includes footprints for a fox, squirrel, rabbit, frog, deer, buzzard, owl, and mouse. 

Activity Idea

The footprint stones can be sorted by categories such as homes, feathers, claws, and diet. Your little one can record their findings by taking crayon rubbings, making impressions in play dough, and investigating what else they can find out about each animal. When the work is done, the children can give the footprints a good clean with soap and water before a new woodland adventure begins.


  • Supports learning through investigative play
  • Cast from a special stone mix - durable for outdoor play
  • Age 2+




Yellow Door is a publisher of award-winning, multisensory resources for children in the EYFS and beyond. Play is at the heart of everything they do and they believe that helping parents to offer language-rich play environments is the best thing that can enhance children’s learning, their wellbeing and their future success.