MINICAMP Big Floor Cushion With Flower Pattern

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Our large floor cushion is great for finishing up your little one’s playroom. Your kids will love it! A bigger size than the average round floor pillow on the market makes it gentle and safe for your children. Your kids can play, read books, and spend their precious moments on the pillow making beautiful memories.


  • 40 inches / 100 cm
  • 3 years +
  • 100% cotton, OEKO-TEX standard 
  • Easy to care. Machine wash at 86F / 30C.
  • Do not tumble dry


Minicamp offers a delightful range of products that combine natural materials, trendy colors, and super-soft fabrics, all driven by one-of-a-kind designs. Experience the joy that it brings to children, while adorning your home's interior with captivating decorative themes!