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RNLI People Eco Friendly Playset - Playpress Toys

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Let your little one learn all about ocean rescue as you construct a coxswain, engineer, lifeguard, first aider and play with them together as all parts are connectable!


Imaginative Interaction Play 

Eco-conscious - play board made from wood from sustainable forests.a

Develops problem-solving and motor skills

The perfect gift for children aged 4-8


20.8cm x 20.8cm x 1.4cm


We personally love this brand! You see, Playpress Toys was formed by two best friends, Mike Wyatt and Matthew Wright, that met 16 years ago in secondary school art class. They created Playpress to make environmentally conscious toys at pocket money prices. At the moment, everything is designed between the two of them, and they carefully source their materials and manufacturers to make sure Playpress makes a big impact on imaginations and a small impact on the environment.

They are both extremely passionate about making a positive change in the way children and parents think about where their toys come from, and where they end up after they are played with.