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Bigjigs Toys Veterinary Set

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This handy Kids Vet Set has everything young veterinarians need to nurse sick teddies or poor animals back to health. Presented in a lovely light purple vet’s case, this vet toy comes packed with all the essentials.

Using the stethoscope, children can listen to their pet’s heart, check their temperature with the thermometer and even take a look in their ears with the otoscope! in an easy-to-store carry bag! Conforms to current European safety standards.


  • Perfect for encouraging role-play and developing social skills & empathy towards others.
  • Completely plastic-free


  • Made from high-quality, sustainably sourced wood
  • Coated in child-friendly paint.


Let's talk about Bigjigs! This amazing, family-owned business was born in a garden shed in Great Britain and their toys are truly enchanting. With a traditional charm that will make you smile, they consistently inspire imaginative play for kids all over the world. Better yet, Bigjigs believes in safety, quality, and affordability so parents can trust their toys, and kids can have fun for years to come.