Jabadabdo Wooden Cash Register

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Support your little one in their new business venture! And do so with this lovely wooden cash register, which is full of fun features. Included with that register is a cash box, scanner, credit card reader and coin box. It's simply a  fun, exciting and educational toy that your little one can play with as they begin to learn about money and counting.


  • Supports imagination and role play
  • Educational whilst having fun
  • Made from natural wood
  • Designed in Sweden


25 x 16 x 16 cm


JaBaDaBaDo is a Swedish design company that manufactures and sells children’s wooden toys, nursery and kids` room furniture and decorations. We combine Scandinavian design with a fun and playful heart with unique patterns and contemporary colours. They are driven by their love for the little ones and their philosophy continues to be based on their core concept; to design high quality and fun products that support children's´ development, playfulness and imagination, bringing a sense of fun and happiness into their little magic world.